The blog of the YA, online

It was July, 2013, at the AESOP congress in Dublin when, during the Young Academics General Assembly, the idea of creating a collaborative blog was expressed, as a way to reinforce the possibilities for networking, dissemination, and collaboration through the network.

A few months have passed by, and, at the same time that the 2014 conference of the Young Academics is ongoing in Gothenburg, this post inaugurates a new blog, which is made by “young academics” (and practitioners, and activists) in planning and related disciplines, and thought for all the persons interested in cities, lanscapes, territories, their geographies, their government, and so on.

Here, you may find a short account of the YA and of the purposes of the blog.

The list of themes is here, although an open one, we’d love to add any relevant field that is not already listed.

Thus the permament call for contribution is here, together with the guidelines for authors.

Here, the list of administrators and contributors (so far).

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