Mapping the world

The Italian magazine Internazionale has an amazing section called Atlante (atlas). The monthly published posts collect maps on thematic arguments from magazines, newspapers and sites worldwide. All sources are given, making easier finding the original maps and articles.

Posts are is in Italian, but must most maps talk by themselves (and Google translator helps with the short comments).

A recent post is titled “a world of cities”. A beautiful planisphere forecasts the evolution of GDPs in major world metropolises, then three maps are dedicated to some characteristics of London, New York, and Jakarta.

A one-year-old post about the “history” of social movements is especially interesting: the 1968 “globalisation of protests”, the “no-global” movements in the early 2000s, the “new-wave” in the early 2010s. As far as the latest wave of global protests is concerned, specific maps are published about the Arab spring, the Indignado movements in Spain and the Occupy Wall Street in the US.

(Simone Tulumello)

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