The Environmental Justice atlas

I’ve recently found (thanks to the Italian, brand new, excellent web-newspaper Pagina99) the Environmental Justice atlas by the Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade network.

Over 1000 cases of conflicts and disputes are mapped and their stories and features summed up, on a series of categories, like: nuclear, mineral extractions, waste management, land conflicts, climate justice, water management, infrastructures, and so forth.

The map is browsable through useful categorisations, country, company, commodity, or type.

The map is not yet completed, as I could notice by the absence of the main environmental conflict in Italy, the High Speed Transport Infrastrucure (TAV, Treno ad Alta Velocità) in the Val di Susa. When I suggested them, via twitter, to include it in the map, I’ve been answered that the Italian cases are being completed and will be uploaded soon.

Just a couple of cases are mapped in China, I’m curious to know whether the map is still in progress or there’s troubles with collecting data there (something one may expect…).

Anyway, the atlas is an incredible resource for academics and persons with interests in these areas. Some geographical “concentrations” give a lot to think about, like in the Andes, in seashore Africa, or, in Europe, in Spain.

Moreover, specific maps are in realisation, like “renewable energy” related conflicts, ecocide, mega infrastructure projects.

(Simone Tulumello)


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