Cities in Conflict, 14 months

Tom Cowan, editor of Cities in Conflict, has recently published an editor’s pick timeline of the first 14 months of the project. Cities in Conflict, hosted by openSecurity (a section of openDemocracy) is «a public editorial series which sought to investigate and publish critical analysis on urbanisation—the urbanisation of conflict and urbanisation as conflict» (from the editorial accompanying the editor’s pick).

From Stephen Graham’s “military urbanism”, to Emma Cummins’ “bejond the gost town”; from Alex Vadusevan’s “reclaiming life in the precarious city” to Bryan Finoki’s “tunnelling borders”, the series is a precious resource for studies at the border of urbanism, geography, planning, and critical theory.

The series of critical analysis of recent “buzzwords (failedresilientfragile and smart  cities) is especially interesting.

For those intersted in these thematics, it is worth reminding that the AESOP has a thematic group (coordinated by Enrico Gualini) on “planning / conflict” which has already organised three conferences in Lisbon, Valencia and Berlin.

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