Some funding sources for YAs

It’s September and academic work is again on full throttle. Well, for those looking for small but eminent funding sources for their works, we have some reminder here.

The Antipode Foundation has recently announced its 2015 funding schemes for activities in the field of radical geography. There’s workshop/conferences awards (up to 10,000 £) and the Scholar-Activist award which funds (up to 10,000£) “collaborative research with artistic, community, cultural, grassroots, or social movement groups; the production of educational materials and other innovative pedagogical initiatives; and the promotion of links between universities and institutions/organisations outside the academy”. In the Foundations words:

We’d like to see work that is innovative and original, but more than that we want to fund work that is significant: we’d like to support activities that have implications for praxis, to better understand contemporary political concerns and to develop alternatives. Note also that the Foundation especially welcomes applications from historically under-represented groups, regions, countries and institutions.

The Urban Studies Foundation has no open calls at the moment, but it’s usually around September/October that the Seminar Series Competition, International Competition and Postdoctoral Research Fellowship are launched.

I’m very late on this one, for the deadline is September 8, 2014. Yet the Regional Studies Association’s Early Career Grant Scheme (they usually fund 4 individuals with 10,000£ each) is worth giving a shot. Note, you have to be an Early Career member of the RSA, but you can submit the application for it at the time as you apply for the grant.

Please feel free to let us know about any further calls open to Young Academics worldwide!

About Simone Tulumello

Researcher in Planning and Geography at ULisboa, Institute of Social Sciences. Keen on cities, politics, photography and electronic music. Lover of cities, especially Palermo and Lisbon, in a complicated relationship with Memphis TN.
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1 Response to Some funding sources for YAs

  1. As a grant writer, I come across plenty of grant applications for Young Academics. Your post is wonderful and informative.

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