Some resources on mapping and visualisation (2)

Today I’d like to share some further resources about mapping and visualization tools and methodologies (I published a similar post a few months ago, on this blog).

1. Fir those interested in CartoDB (a cloud based tool for creating maps and collaborative maps) and Fulcrumapp (an app for collecting and managing mobile and GPS data), Jeremy Crampton has, in his blog Open Geography, some useful posts. Unluckily, both programmes are commercial: if anyone knows of good replacements in Open Access and/or open source, please share in the comments!

2. World Map is an open source, developed by the Center for Geographic Analysis at the University of Harvard, which allows to build collaborative mapping portals that can be shared or kept private (I’ve found it via Urban Cultural Studies blog administrated by Benjamin Fraser).

3. Visualized is a series of conferences dedicated to exploring data, design and storytelling. In the website, all interventions are available in videos. I appreciated especially Giorgia Lupi’s “New aesthetics for data narratives“.

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