The AESOP YA Blog is getting a new design!

2 min read.

As we passed the torch to our new YA blog team, one of the decisions we took was to change the aesthetics of the blog to make it more reachable for a wider audience. We firmly believe that a good design and user interaction goes very far, reason why we are introducing a new theme and appearance going live this Friday, May 28.

AESOP Young Academics (@aesopYA) | Twitter

We are looking forward that the fresher and more interactive interface of the blog will encourage you who are reading this (or anyone you may know who is interested), to write a piece for us and reach the wide audience of AESOP Young Academics. We know that this publication is unique in the world in its openness, reach and goals, and in the new blog team we want to transform it into an even more larger platform for young, starting scholars wanting to showcase their research internationally.

Please stay posted on our design change and to more exciting news we will be revealing in the following weeks!

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