Introducing the new AESOP YA Coordination Team: Milan Husar

2 min. read

Ending with the presentation series of the new members of AESOP YA Coordination Team, today we share the thoughts and personal introduction from Milan Husar, postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Management at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava:

“My name is Milan Husar and I am working as a postdoc researcher at the Institute of Management at the Slovak University of Technology in Bratislava. I finished my PhD in Spatial Planning in 2016 where I was looking into the topics of cross-border governance under uncertainty.

I joined YA CT to help fellow young academics in pursuing their career goals by sharing my experience as a way to give back to the community that shaped me since the first days of my doctoral studies. AESOP and AESOP YA provide a broad range of opportunities to grow as scholars, but it is often difficult to navigate in it. On the other hand, many young academics do not feel ‘brave’ enough to join the events and participate in conferences or workshops and I believe encouraging them to be actively involved is one of the challenges for the future.

My objective in the upcoming two years is to support young academics to become active members of AESOP and to help in creating strong and supportive community. Coming from Central Europe I would like to address colleagues from Central and Eastern Europe to join our activities and help the community grow.”

Congratulations Milan! we are looking forward for your input in the Coordination Team.

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