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Urban geographer, postdoctoral research fellow at Gran Sasso Sciencie Institute in L'Aquila, Italy, and assistant professor at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poznań, Poland (currently in sabbatical). Research interests include urban and housing policies, with a particular focus on the post-socialist context.

Living and moving around in a post-earthquake city

Seven years ago, during the night of 6 April 2009 the city of L’Aquila suffered one of the most tragic events in the modern history of Italy. At 3:32 A.M. a seismic event of 6.3 magnitude, which was preceded by … Continue reading

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To own or to rent? A housing question

The choice between owner-occupied housing and tenancy is one of the major housing decisions that people need to make. Interestingly, if we look at the European Union, we can find a variegated landscape of tenure mixes. While in some countries … Continue reading

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Cities after transition: where are they, and where is the research about them?

It has been already 25 years since the great political change took place in the former socialist states, which has brought also numerous changes in the fields of urban and regional development. For a couple of years, scholars working on the … Continue reading

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Housing shortage in Europe – a problem of the past?

If we asked people in Europe what was the issue they considered to be particularly problematic in their everyday life, in most cases the availability of housing wouldn’t be probably among the top answers. Other concerns, including widespread unemployment among … Continue reading

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The system of spatial planning in Poland: time for a change?

A completely new system of spatial planning has been created in Poland after the fall of socialism. In comparison to the previous one, it has no longer been based on the principle of centralisation. Rather, the main responsibility for managing … Continue reading

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The geography of housing affordability

One of the important problems that we are facing these days is the high and rising cost of living. In particular, many households need to spend a substantial share of their monthly income on expenditures related to housing, either in … Continue reading

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