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Baltimore and the end of the end of history

Guest author: Erick Omena de Melo Oxford Brookes University – Department of Planning. Webpage The Baltimore riots are the latest of several challenges to the idea of the “end of history”, notably subsumed by the ending of the TV … Continue reading

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Is a (federal) urban agenda politically possible?

Few would dispute that the United States is hard to characterize as an urban nation.  Yes, we’ll always have New York City, but by world standards even the density there is simply what we’d expect of a major global city. And we could, … Continue reading

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Planka: is public transport welfare?

Do you know Planka? Planka is a Stockholm based organisation of public transport fare dodgers. If you happen to swipe your ticket and feel somebody sliding up behind you in any place of the world, it would be either a fare dodger … Continue reading

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Cities in Conflict, 14 months

Tom Cowan, editor of Cities in Conflict, has recently published an editor’s pick timeline of the first 14 months of the project. Cities in Conflict, hosted by openSecurity (a section of openDemocracy) is «a public editorial series which sought to … Continue reading

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Glasgow’s Desperate Moment: iconoclasm for the 2014 Commonwealth Games

Guest author: Andrew Hoolachan, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge. Note from the editors: we are happy to see that this insightful post is timely with public and academic debates, such as this recently published article on Open Security shows. Abstract: This article … Continue reading

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Political Participation and Planners

When the public disengages from local politics, what does it mean for planners and other professionals in city government?   In the story of Detroit, one of the newer chapters will be about what effect the return to a district-based … Continue reading

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The Environmental Justice atlas

I’ve recently found (thanks to the Italian, brand new, excellent web-newspaper Pagina99) the Environmental Justice atlas by the Environmental Justice Organisations, Liabilities and Trade network. Over 1000 cases of conflicts and disputes are mapped and their stories and features summed … Continue reading

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