Call for contributions and guidelines

We are happy to publish informed reflections from “young” (and not so young) academics, practitioners, activists, and so on, in the form of short texts.

If you wish to publish a post, please send your proposal, together with a link to your webpage and a short description of you (200 characters), to

We would like to expand our team of moderators and stable contributors: if you are interested, feel free to write us.

We are waiting for your ideas and proposals at


If you are not quite sure what to write about, do have a look at the list of suggested  themes for inspiration, or the more detailed list of AESOP thematic groups.

Additionally, this call for blog posts provides more ideas about relevant blog topics, such as bridging planning theory and practice.


The typical published post is short (usually less than 1000 words) and may incorporate links to more in-depth sources.

Consider the blog as a place for debate, thus make your submissions open for discussion in the comment thread.

The post shall be submitted as a .doc file set out as such:

  • name and affiliation;
  • e-mail;
  • link to your webpage;
  • a short abstract (200 characters, italic);
  • main text;
  • short bio of you (200 characters, italic);
  • image (if needed);
  • image caption.

Links for sources shall be embedded in the main text between brackets where you want them to be inserted.

Please name the file as such: Surname_submission date.doc

Consider this as a place for debate, thus make your submissions open for discussion in the comment thread.

The main language is English. The YA, as an international network, is fully aware that non-native Anglophones may have difficulties in expressing themselves fluently in English. For this reason, the blog’s language standards policy is simple: posts shall be understandable to an international audience.
Contributions from non-YA-members on themes of national and regional interest might be accepted on different languages as well – the blog moderators would be responsible for brief introductions in English.

Please be aware that the blog is to be used for dissemination through non-academic audiences as well: please refrain from using technical language, bibliographic references, and so on.


You can add one image to the post. Please embed it at the bottom of the post. Please use light files, i.e. 800×600 .jpg files. It is your responsibility that of providing original images or images you have been authorised to use. A caption shall be provided with web link if necessary.


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