List of OA journals

The AESOP YA believes in an Open Access future. This is why we have launched plaNext – next generation planning, our journal.

This is a list of high-quality, Open Access journals in planning and related disciplines, compiled by Simone Tulumello (originally, for the Open Access Week 2015). It has been growing thanks to contributions by Simon Batterbury (who has a list of OA journals in geography, political ecology and other social sciences), Tamara Maričić, Enzo Falco, Ilan Kelman, Gennaro Bicienne, Mario Paris and Sabine Knierbein (further contributions are welcome).

The list focuses on three aspects. First, Open Access, here, means that no fees apply to authors (so-called Article Processing Charges): publishing in these journals is free (while the “Gold” standard to OA shifts unequal access from readers to authors). This also means that no one profits from these journals, in the vast majority of cases they are directly managed by and at universities.

Second, priority is given to multi-lingual journals (for the belief that it is a contradiction the construction of an international publishing environment around one single language).

Third, quality, here, is not understood in terms of metrics or procedures. Almost all journals are peer-reviewed, but there are some exceptions. Some journals are included in for-profit indexes such as Web of Science or Scopus, others (most) don’t. Some of these journals took the political decision to not be included there, others will never be included because they are not in English or do not conform to the (parochial) standars necessary to be included there. These journals publish good stuff, that’s all.

Multi-lingual journals

English-only journals

Journals in other languages

(Simone Tulumello)