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Call for blog posts – EU Climate Pact & Green Deal

2 minutes read Launching the EU Climate Pact On December 16th, the EU will officially launch its Climate Pact. Here is the official blurb on the EU Commission’s climate action web page, enticing you to join the online event on … Continue reading

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How can cities be kept affordable? A new attempt with rent controls in Germany

Many European cities experienced strong rent price increases over the last decade, which increasingly threaten to displace poorer parts of the society from urban centres. Despite the already tightly regulated housing market, rents in several German cities increased by almost … Continue reading

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Measuring urban quality of life – some challenges in practice

We have come a great way in attempting to define what quality of life and wellbeing are, as ultimate goals urban policies. In this post, I argue that for many cities, particularly in middle-income and low-income countries, there are significant … Continue reading

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The Mayors Adapt (Convenant of Mayors 2.0): toward a smart city.

It was held in Naples, the inauguration of Mayors Adapt initiative, commissioned by the Directorate General of the European Commission’s Climate Action and founded assuming the EU adaptation strategy to climate change. Mayors Adapt supports the cities, creating an opportunity … Continue reading

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Jon Schwabish on polarisation and good graphs

A few days ago I have found, on the Metrotrends blog*, this article by Jon Schwabish, which I deemed interesting and worth sharing for two reasons. Firstly, it refers to an article at the Financial Times (needs subscription) and a … Continue reading

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EP2014: what comes next for European politics?

Today, one should spend a few words about European elections, for the composition of European Parliament – and the presidency of the Commission as well, think of Jacques Delors – has always been crucial for the evolution of European policy … Continue reading

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Cities, Policies, Technology and the Mayors Challenge

“The strong mayor form … is in some ways a miniature presidency”, Clarence N. Stone Some recent articles in the press made me think of the need to more “healthy” cities in terms of economy, environment, and society. Our planet is … Continue reading

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