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Placemaking: trends & people

Read time: 4-5 minutes This brief post presents some trends and people that shape the placemaking movement worldwide. See the companion post: Placemaking: toolkits & books. Feel free to contribute more placemaking resources to: blog@aesop-youngacademics.net The post is structured as … Continue reading

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Participatory budgeting made in France

Participatory budgeting is increasingly popular among local councils, and is now also adopted by regional and even national governments across the globe. The influential American non-profit Participatory Budgeting Project defines participatory budgeting as such: Participatory budgeting (PB) is a democratic … Continue reading

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The promises of participatory budgeting

In a previous post, I was writing about participatory practices in urban development, particularly from the point of view of neighbourhood planning. A few days later, while attending the Central and Eastern Europe Civil Society Forum, I took part in … Continue reading

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