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Private sector water tanker, water vendor, and packaged water in Indian cities: Innovation in governance?

‘Water’ is understood both as natural resource and public good. Based on certain political positions, the later one is debatable. Most importantly, it is debatable also from constraints in implementability. In academic literature, the term ‘resource’ is criticised to have … Continue reading

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Water ATMs in India: innovation, smart technology, and new form of governance

Chandrima Mukhopadhyay, India Govt of India recognized the term ‘start up’ in April, 2015, which started as private sector initiated business models by small-scale, for-profit private sector actors. One of the defining criteria is that: ‘It is working towards innovation, … Continue reading

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What to negotiate in Public Private Partnerships?

Post by Chandrima Mukhopadhyay (CEPT University Ahmedabad). Public Private Partnership is an inter-disciplinary subject in nature. However, it is considered as a highly specialised area, and a large audience from Urban Planning background remain unaware about the subject. In this short piece, I … Continue reading

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