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Highlights from 2018

Read time: 4-5 minutes 2018 was the year which generated the most traffic on the blog: 13,000 views and 9,300 visitors for 29 published posts. The posts covered such diverse themes as territorial governance, active mobility, sustainable food systems, development, … Continue reading

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Participatory budgeting made in France

Participatory budgeting is increasingly popular among local councils, and is now also adopted by regional and even national governments across the globe. The influential American non-profit Participatory Budgeting Project defines participatory budgeting as such: Participatory budgeting (PB) is a democratic … Continue reading

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Revealing a new era of planning, the Lisbon case

The municipality of Lisbon through a public participation procedure for cycling investments, shows the need for a more economic and human-centric city. In recent decades urban planning has focused mainly on the “physical” development of cities. Although this method of … Continue reading

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