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Share summaries of webinars & events

2 min read This post invites you to share summaries of the latest/most engaging webinars you attended or hosted recently. Recovery planning: yes we can! The webosphere currently abounds with ideas and plans for recovery from the covid-19 pandemic. These … Continue reading

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Housing in India and government attitude towards it

Housing is an important aspect of city development. Population growth in a city is mainly attributed to two main reasons: migration from different areas in search of jobs and natural growth (birth rates exceeding death rates). However, the pace of housing provision, particularly by government agencies, is never able to keep up with the pace of population increase. Also, the National Urban Housing and Habitat policy-2007, which emphasizes “Affordable housing for All”, aims at ‘Forging strong partnerships between public, private and cooperative sectors for accelerated growth in the Housing Sector and sustainable development of habitat’. At the end of the day, it’s all about Roti, Kapdaa aur Makaan. Continue reading

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#Spacematters – List of planning-related blogs v. 1.0

“It doesn’t matter what country or what political system you are from. Space brings you together” Valentina Tereshkova, retired Russian cosmonaut, engineer and politician; first woman to have been in space (1963). As the YA AESOP blog will be entering … Continue reading

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