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Feeding the melting pot: Inclusive sustainable diets in the multi-ethnic city

Guest author: Anke Brons (Aeres University of Applied Sciences, Almere and Wageningen University) Note: This post was initially published on the blog of the The Food Climate Research Network (FCRN) on 27 November 2018. In achieving the transition to more … Continue reading

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In this blog I explore the value of minimalism for many aspects of our urban lives. I draw parallels between such varied phenomena as urban acupuncture, resource-optimised engineering, consumption practices, communication and personal philosophies. Aesthetics Minimalism is most famous for … Continue reading

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Earth albedo for beginners: “reflections” on the reason why it has to be included in life cycle assessment*

The Earth has an average planetary albedo of ∽0.3 (Wielicki, Wong, Loeb, Minnis, Priestley, & Kandel, 2005), but considerable differences exist between different areas on the planet. Figure 1 shows that different areas on Earth are characterized by different surface … Continue reading

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East Kolkata Wetland: Seeing through the lens of “Urban metabolism”

‘Urban metabolism’, ‘resiliency’ and ‘sustainability’ are competing concepts. ‘Sustainability’ is the oldest and more like an umbrella term for the rest. ‘Urban metabolism’ is rather the newest amongst them. In this blog, I aim to explore which of the three … Continue reading

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Are Urban Sustainability and Resilience legitimizing social un-justice?

Authors: Lorenzo Chelleri and Isabelle Anguelovski The concept of urban sustainability has been around for many decades, receiving the attention of the whole spectrum of urban experts, sectors and disciplines. It also received  many and different critics while at the … Continue reading

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Going Back to the Origins: A Non-comprehensive Excursus from the Environmental Philosophies to Sustainability*

The environmental philosophies – born as thoughts about the relation between mankind and nature – have found an unconscious and involuntary application in the construction sector. In the following there is a brief and non-exhaustive description of some of the … Continue reading

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A Global Virtual Roundtable on How to Measure, Why to measure, Cities Resilience

Since more than a decade, urban resilience has entered political agendas worldwide, academic debates, and within this blog specific interest, planning debates. The Joint AESOP/ACSP conference titled “Planning for Resilient Cities and Regions” (Dublin, July 2013) already explored and addressed … Continue reading

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