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The medina as a historic urban landscape

4 min read Guest author: Sarah Ben Salem (Szent István University) The ‘Historic Urban Landscape’ concept in an approach that was declared by the UNESCO in 2011. It refers to the historical sites that should no longer be considered as … Continue reading

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Venice had its own ‘Airbnb problem’ during the Renaissance – here’s how it coped

Guest author: Rosa Salzberg (University of Warwick) Editor’s Notes: 1) This article is republished from The Conversation under a Creative Commons license. Read the original article. 2) In the run-up to the AESOP Congress this summer, many of us will … Continue reading

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Summer movies: Bye Bye Barcelona

Bye Bye Barcelona (here the website) is the second summer movie of the YAblog. It is a well-documented and powerful documentary about how tourism and gentrification are changing Barcelona. Some may find similarities with what’s going one in their own … Continue reading

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