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“Bring back the Royal Arch!” Dealing with the past in Scotland’s independence city.

Guest author: Andrew Hoolachan, Department of Architecture, University of Cambridge. The city of Dundee is Scotland’s most pro-independence city. The Scottish National Party represents the city at all tiers of governance and the city returned the highest percentage of voters … Continue reading

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A journalistic phronetic research: Anna Minton’s Ground Control

I often hear academic colleagues that criticize others’ works by labelling them as “good journalistic inquiries”. The underlying idea, here, is that journalistic enquiry is some kind of epistemologically inconsistent version of real scientific enquiry, that is, academic research. And, … Continue reading

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Jon Schwabish on polarisation and good graphs

A few days ago I have found, on the Metrotrends blog*, this article by Jon Schwabish, which I deemed interesting and worth sharing for two reasons. Firstly, it refers to an article at the Financial Times (needs subscription) and a … Continue reading

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Why Metrics Cannot Measure Research Quality: A Response to the HEFCE Consultation

Blog The Disorder of Things is sharing a response to the call of the UK Higher Education Funding Concil about the use of metrics in research assessment.Are metrics (i.e. citation counts) useful for assessing “quality” (which is different from impact … Continue reading

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