This blog is a “quasi-academic” tool, a place for exchange of “ideas” in a broader sense: information about events of relevance both for YA members and not; dissemination of “best practices”; debate on planning/urban/environmental issues of interest for the general public. The main thematic areas are:

  •  Methodology and ethics: innovative methodological developments and tools; debates about methodological burdens; …
  • Dissemination, outreach, communication: considerations on the instruments used by scholars and practitioners for disseminating their work; potentialities of web-based tools for outreach; …
  • Research quality and assessment: debates about research evaluation; impact, metrics, and beyond; new assessment tools; …
  • Beyond planning: the frontiers of planning and its relationships with further disciplines;
  • Planning, city, societyplanning and conflict: covering of urban social movements or protests; reflections on the role of the planner in the “real world”; …
  • Territory, landscape, and land: land policy and cities nowadays; regional issues and planning; planning, states and international issues;
  • Sustainability and resilience: debates about the role of planning in the building of sustainable and resilient cities/communities; covering of situations of environmental threat; …
  • Heritage and Planning: issues that link heritage with planning include identity politics, sense of place, exclusion-inclusion of views and desires, interpretation and representation of the past, present and future; …
  • Books and book reviews.
  • Events: reports from conferences, meetings of especial interest for the YA community.
  • Resources: useful resources for research, education and activism.


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