Top 10 blog posts on the YA blog

Picture of mural street art with empty red chair with floating red umbrella

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This post celebrates the top ten blog posts published on the blog of the AESOP Young Academics network since its launch in 2014. It does so by way of a traditional list of the top ten posts which generated the most views. 

The top 10 individual posts that generated the most views are:

Picture of mural street art with empty red chair with floating red umbrella
‘And the winner is…’ All time highest views concern reflections about the future of PhD students in Italian academia. Picture credit: Street art by Albenty in Montpellier Hill, Dublin, photo by William Murphy on Flickr, CC Attribution-ShareAlike.

While the number of views of individual posts can be a sign of their popularity, other posts that have received less traction display an opportunity to generate greater interest over time. This can be true for all types of creative content. Remember Van Gogh? In 2017, the Van Gogh Museum saw 2.26 million visitors, making it the most visited museum in the Netherlands!

So do make use of the YA blog as a repository of invaluable research insight, and browse former posts for hidden gems!!

Looking out from the Van Gogh museum in Amsterdam – an immensely popular museum dedicated to a world-famous artist who only gained his fame posthumously. So it is with all creative content. Picture credit: Martin Wehrle on Flickr, Attribution-ShareAlike CC


Stay put for upcoming pages of resources that make will past content on the blog more accessible by type and by theme.

Resources will include thematic research, transferable skills, outlooks on academic and industry careers, and much more!

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