Editors and contributors

Always growing, the blog of the AESOP Young Academics network is made entirely of contributions from talented young (and less young) academics and practitioners keen to share their research, professional experience, views and editing skills to foster engaging discussions about a wide range of issues related to spatial planning. We are always looking for contributions from one-off and regular authors. Do get in touch if you want to contribute in any way: blog@aesop-youngacademics.net. 

Blog editorial board:

  • Ian Babelon (editor-in-chief Nov 2017-) (Northumbria University, Newcastle) (ResearchGate).
  • Konstantina Vidou (supporting editor) (Aristotle University of Thessaloniki) (ResearchGate).
  • Caitlin Hafferty (supporting editor) (Countryside and Community Research Institute, University of Gloucestershire) (research profile)
  • Your Name (editor) (Your research institution or company) i.e. Get in touch at blog@aesop-youngacademics.net and yamail@aesop-youngacademics.net.

Regular contributors (click on name for posts on this blog):

  • The AESOP YA blog wants YOU to contribute!

Past contributors and editors (click on name for posts on this blog):

Guest authors:

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