Call for Contributions – Urban Issues of the Global South

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In our goal to increase visibility for urban planning issues and urban studies in general in the Global South, we want to call our audience for new contributions, either publish your short articles or refer to publications elsewhere. Equally, if you want to showcase your research, interests, or related event, and you want a platform within the Young Academics sphere.

We are happy to publish informed reflections from “young” (and less young) academics, practitioners, activists, and so on, in the form of short texts and other innovative formats. As a forum for sharing experience and ideas, the blog of the AESOP Young Academics network enables everyone to learn from each other about issues that pertain to spatial planning in academia, practice, community development and activism. The YA blog is a unique outlet for the AESOP community at large and beyond!

Previously, our articles on Professor Vanessa Watson’s contributions to southern planning, the review from the AESOP publication on southern planning practices and theories and our view on institutional issues and informality in transportation in Colombia have gained significant traction, and we want this trend to continue. The study of issues and debates on ‘southern’ cities is expanding in urban planning academia. From the editorial team at the AESOP YA network blog we want to contribute to this emergent theme.

We invite you to check our guidelines and hope to see your contributions soon. Remember to address your ideas and proposals to

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